Monday, 3 October 2011

okay i get it, you're nonchalant

This entry is just a couple peel-apart polaroids taken with a Colorpack II, because I feel like it.

this was the first shot i took, i didn't realise peel apart photos come out wet so i smudged it, waaaaaaaaaaa

canal, there's so many in birmingham. i peeled this one backwards because i am COOL

in first year i would always see this pub in the distance from my uni campus, always weirdly wanting to go and hang out with dodgy birmingham locals. when i finally got closer i realised it was derelict and probably had been for years

First one was the view from my window when I was at university in Birmingham, and the second and third were taken in Deritend (also Birmingham). That's all.


  1. nice photos!xx

  2. I really like the first one :)