Thursday, 29 September 2011

blogger's belief

I started this blog over a year ago after seeing that "an impressive personal blog or website" was a pre-requisite of getting on a highly competitive internship for the Guardian newspaper. It was the summer holidays before my final year of university and I was worried that if I did not start dragging out my major selling points I might end up another statistic on the dole register. I'd always been keen on writing, I thought, so why not start a blog? I did realise at the time that I would probably not be good enough to get on a Guardian internship, but I belong to a generation where anything mildly impressive which could possibly added to the CV (ie blogging) is hard to resist. So why did I never update? A bit of laziness, but mainly not wanting to be like the millions of other freaks xeroxing their worthless opinions.

I started writing my first entry, other than the introduction entry, many moons ago. I spent ages with this little file on my desktop, blogentry.doc, tweaking it every now and then, trying to make it as humorous as possible. Opening it now I realise just how hard it is to write something that is what I wanted it to be. That is, not something that looks borderline psychotic whilst attempting the ever-so-difficult-to-pull-off anger-ridden comedy style characteristic of Bill Hicks or Sam Kinison. You know, we've all seen it, the friend who has the blog with an angry rant injected with humorous wording to make it seem jovial, but it still makes for uncomfortable reading whilst we sit there grimacing. How did Hicks or Kinison do it? Something to do with how relateable their rants are - divorce, holier-than-thou non-smokers and religious people, I suppose - no matter how amusing you are as a person, people are not going to be laughing with you if you look like a lunatic on the fringe ranting about stuff whilst everyone else fails to understand your motives for hating it. Though 9 times out of 10, you know these people don't really hate this stuff, they just have no material and are trying to force the funny.

Attempting to have a mildly-humoured general but somewhat political blog - the aforementioned entry was on why I think the left-right debate is kinda meaningless. And I still do, but since I don't really have a readership I'm not entirely sure how detailed I need to make it- heaven forbid I end up patronising people as if they were Daily Mail readers. At the same time, I have no desire to appeal to the stuffy uptight "intellectual" types. It's important to write something of substance which is easily understood, not just bullshit which uses several impressive sounding adjectives and far-fetched analogies which keep you nodding sentence after sentence, then as soon as you finish you think "What the fuck did I just read?"

Prior to finishing university, people would ask me "What do you plan to do with a degree in Politics?" and I would joke "Go on the dole."
But yeah, I'm not laughing now, as I am indeed on Jobseeker's allowance so I have plenty of time to warble on about nothing in particular as I have appeared to have done in this entry. I'm trying again to write in this thing, but I'm setting my standards high.

So still no politics as of yet, I promise I'll post some in future. Although I'm not really sure who I'm promising this to. Is anybody there? Hello?

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