Dear readers, if any. Hi.

Coming up is a series of nonsensical political and general gibberish thoughts/ rantings which I will no doubt think sounds intelligent for three hours of my life until someone points out a hole in my argument, at which moment I shall retreat into my bedroom corner and think about how I was made to look stupid on the internet, quietly mumbling to myself “oh the shame” every two minutes.

But seriously, I’ll write some ideas, and you, the more educated person, can exchange your thoughts and help me refine my idiocy. It’s a damn sight cheaper than the £3200 a year I’m paying for the BSc in Politics and International Relations I’m currently studying. I change my mind a lot, but I sit on the left side of the political spectrum, although I’ll explain in a later blog entry why I think the whole Left vs Right shebang is really not that useful. For argument’s sake, let’s say I’m currently a “Social Democratic Capitalist”, so whilst the Tories can say I’m a bleeding-heart liberal for my views on povvos, I also think a strong market is important.

Sure I could start a fashion/photography/what-have-you blog, fill it with scans of Polaroids I’ve taken, Polyvore collages, thought-provoking quotes from the most dreamy films I like, finished off by recounting my day with each sentence crammed with 3 or 4 adjectives, in a fashion most sophisticated.. so fanciful, so delicate. This is what every other girl my age’s blog appears to be - but why pretend I’m anything other than a loud-mouthed malcontent who is ineloquent at the best of times?

Perhaps this is the start of my metamorphosis into an overweight 38 year old spinster/single mother World of Warcraft addict who derives pleasure only from feeling superior to people who have less general knowledge than myself on internet forums, and motivational posters featuring cats and bad spelling and grammar* which, for some reason, is “sarcastic” and therefore “okay”. You know the sort, as someone with too much time on their hands, I’ve observed a lot in the blogosphere.

I’ll finish on a quote from Homer Simpson that I think describes the blogosphere quite well - Now there's a million freaks xeroxing their worthless opinions. Only without the xeroxing. Enough of that.

Is it customary to sign your name at the end of a blog entry? Who knows. I’ll do it this once.


* lolcats. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds it painfully unfunny, and I think cats are great.